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Our Axel Repair Service

The Best Axle Repair in Dubai:

Axle repair is the process of repairing a worn out or a damaged axle, and its components like U-joint and CV joint. When your four-wheel-drive or two-wheel-drive car continuously takes you on off-road action or your axle system hasn’t had a maintenance session in a while, you need to make a stop at Autobahn for axle repair and maintenance. 

If your car is making knocking or squeaking sounds on turns, it is time for you to take your car to Autobahn for the best Axle Driveshaft repair in Dubai. Our company’s trained engineers and technicians will find the root of the problem and make necessary repairs, so you can enjoy your trips without any worries. 

When to Seek Driveshaft Repair in Dubai?

Depending on the type of repair your axle and driveshaft needs, your car may show different signs. Make sure to not ignore those signs and take your car at the earliest for repair. The following are some examples of signs you should consider. For example, you may face trouble with gear transmission to strange voices. It is crucial to take your car for maintenance as an axle that needs repair can significantly impact your car’s performance.

The following are some signs of driveshaft issues in your car:

Vibration, Squeaking, and Shaking from Underneath

If you feel vibrations in your car coming from down below, it is a clear sign of worn out driveshaft. Do not delay the repair because the slight shaking could take the form of a serious problem if not dealt with soon..

Difficulty in Taking Turns

When it gets difficult to take turns on your car, it is probably because the U-joint is damaged or worn out. U-joint is a crucial part of the driveshaft and not changing it soon can result in your car not moving. In the worst case scenario, the U-joint breaks off and dislodges the driveshaft.

Shuddering Upon Acceleration

A common symptom of an axle that needs repair is that your car starts to shudder upon acceleration. Usually, it is because of a loosened U-joint or bad carrier bearing. Autobahn can fix both these problems for you in no time.


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The frequency of car servicing depends on various factors, including your vehicle’s make and model, mileage, and driving habits. However, a general guideline is to have your car serviced every 6 months or every 5,000 to 7,500 miles, whichever comes first. Regular maintenance helps ensure the longevity and performance of your vehicle. If you’re unsure about your car’s specific maintenance schedule, feel free to consult our experienced technicians, who can provide personalized recommendations based on your car’s needs.

At our auto workshop, we offer a comprehensive range of automotive services to meet your vehicle’s needs. Our services include:

  1. Routine Maintenance: This includes oil changes, tire rotations, fluid checks, and brake inspections to keep your car running smoothly.

  2. Repairs: We can diagnose and repair a wide range of issues, from engine problems and electrical system malfunctions to suspension and steering repairs.

  3. Tire Services: We provide tire sales, repairs, balancing, and wheel alignment services to ensure your tires wear evenly and maintain optimal grip on the road.

  4. Brake Services: Our technicians can inspect, repair, and replace brake components to ensure your vehicle’s safety.

  5. Diagnostic Services: We use advanced diagnostic equipment to pinpoint and resolve engine, transmission, and electrical system problems.

  6. Exhaust System Repairs: We offer exhaust system inspections and repairs to ensure your vehicle complies with emissions regulations and runs efficiently.

  7. A/C and Heating Services: Keep your cabin comfortable with our air conditioning and heating system repairs and maintenance.

  8. Scheduled Maintenance: We follow manufacturer-recommended maintenance schedules for specific makes and models to keep your warranty intact.

  9. Customization: If you’re looking to personalize your vehicle, we also offer customization services, such as aftermarket part installation and performance upgrades.