Brakes being the most crucial component of a car can create serious safety issues if malfunctioned. Even the minute issues are to be monitored and fixed instantly for you and your’ s loved one’s safety.
Get your car brake tested & fixed by our brake experts at Autobahn. Regular and efficient maintenance of brake pads according to the car manufactures can save unwanted repairs and a lot of money.

Its high time to reach Autobahn if your car signals you these: –
• If your brake pedals feel too soft than usual.
• Odd noises & Vibration while braking.
• If you press the brake pedal too hard/long than usual.
• Brake not efficiently working.
• Car moves to either direction when brake applied.

Autobahn delivers Dubai’s reliable brake system inspection. Trust us to overcome serious brake failures, as your safety is our priority. 

Our detailed brake system diagnosis covers:-

  • Brake Pad Replacement and Disc Skimming
  • Brake Disc Replacement.
  • Brake Fluid Replacement and Caliper Check
  • Brake Shoe Replacement and Drum Skimming
  • Brake Booster Repair
  • Brake Bleeding and Hand Brake Adjustment
  • Brake Actuator Caliberation
  • Master Cylinder Repair
4 Simple Steps to Change Oil & Filter with Autobahn

With Autobahn getting your car serviced is never a tiresome process. Follow these easy steps to make it much easier than ever before.



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