Best Car Tinting in Dubai

Car tinting is essential in regions like the UAE.  It gives protection from the sunlight and adds strength to your windows by protecting minor damages.

Are you looking for Affordable Car Tinting??

At Autobhan you can get your car tinting services with industrial standards, such as 3M car tinting at a very affordable price. Our tinting service, and the products included, strictly abide by the rules and regulations outlined by the government. We are your reliable – dealership alternative services providers.

How does it work?

Car tinting services with Autobhan are always hassle free. Once you book an appointment, you can either drop off your car at our place or avail our pickup services. Our tinting experts will ensure that the surface is clean, free of contaminations and dust particles. Then the tinting film will be applied carefully on all the windows of the car, ensuring no bubbles or dust particles are trapped in. The car will go for a quality check once the film is applied correctly and then delivered to you once approved by our team.

Our Car tinting services are: –

  •   Premium Car window tinting.
  •   Sunlight control tint.
  •   3M Car tinting.
  • Heat rejection tint.
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With Autobahn getting your car serviced is never a tiresome process. Follow these easy steps to make it much easier than ever before.



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