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Car’s external appearance and looks are quite important for car lovers, and it’s then Ceramic coating comes in. In regions like UAE its vital to pamper your cars exterior by giving possible protection from the burning sun and sandstorms. Nano ceramic coating provides exceptional protection from contaminants, oxidations, road chips and UV protection to maintain your car glossy. It also remains as a durable & protective layer, repels water and dirt residue / spots after drying.

Autobahn uses top quality Nano ceramic products to match your high standard car paint, and provides a pre-eminent protection layer and long-lasting shine.

Get your Car ceramic coated from Autobahn. Our highly experienced team of car paint experts uses branded products to surprise you with the finish and look. Depending on the protection you require we offer different levels of Nano coatings.

  • 3-layer Nano ceramic coating: Gets a benefit of 2 year high level protection from minor scratches, Paint fading from UV protection, and contaminations.
  • 5-layer Nano ceramic coating: Provides high level of protection for 4 years from minor scratches, Paint fading from UV protection, and contaminations
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