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Suspension is a vital aspect when it comes to your car control. If your car suspension is not in good condition, you won’t be able to control while turning and stopping your car. As the main role of the suspension is to maximize the friction between the tyres and the road surface. It deals with the passenger’s comfortability, Safety with stability.
If you find any disturbance with your Car’s Suspension while turning / rolling over hindrances / or stopping, you should quickly get it checked. It also extremely influences your capacity to drive.
Since the suspension framework is a vital part, you should get it checked promptly. It’s time to get your suspension system repaired when:

  • Unbalanced tire tracks
  • The car drifts and pull when turning
  • Noise while driving under 40 Km/hr
  • Vibration while slow down
  • Jerking sound
  • Vehicle is driving more roughly / you feel every bump on the road.
  • the shocks and struts look greasy or oily.

Autobhans is Dubai’s trusted suspension repair for all Luxury Cars. We work on all brand cars in UAE with a highly competitive suspension repair cost. Our suspension repair professional’s diagnoses and repair your car suspension manually and with updated modern techniques

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