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Car transmission is the defining factor of a car as it transmits all the power from the engine. To ensure a great driving experience it should be at high performance level all the time. A perfectly working transmission makes the engine highly efficient with lesser fuel consumption.
As it is the key component of a car it should be regularly services and maintained.
Autobahn car transmission repair is an exclusive service that identifies and repairs any potential issues.

Reach out to us if you see these Symptoms: –

  • Transmission faulty light on
  • Facing difficulty in changing gear / Gear locks in specific number
  • Engine light on
  • Noise when the car is in neutral gear.
  • Shaking when changing gear.

Regular service after every 80,000 km is recommended to prevent faulty transmission. Our specialized transmission services ensure that high premium transmission fluid recommended by the car manufacturers is used.
Autobahn Car transmission services includes: –

                     Transmission overhauling/ rebuild.

                     Top converter repair / replacement.

                     alve body repair / replacement.

                     Mechatronics repair / replacement.

                     Transmission Fluid and filter replacement.

                     Clutch overhauling.

                     Differential repair / replacement.

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