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Engine repair

Engine repair for automotive can include anything from a minor tune-up to a major overhaul.

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CAR Brake Repair

Automotive vehicle brake repair involves inspecting, servicing, and repairing brake components.

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Vehicle Inspection

A vehicle inspection is an inspection performed by a qualified mechanic or technician to ensure that a vehicle is in safe and acceptable operating condition.

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Polishing and Detailing

Polishing and detailing for automotive vehicles involves a variety of tasks designed to make the vehicle look its best.

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Suspension System Repair

A suspension system repair for an automotive vehicle is a repair of any component of the suspension system, including the shocks, struts, springs, and other related suspension components.

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Pre Purchased Inspection

A pre-purchase inspection for automotive vehicles is a thorough inspection performed by a qualified mechanic or technician on a vehicle before you purchase it.

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Oil services

Oil service for automotive vehicles includes changing the vehicle's engine oil, replacing the oil filter, checking the fluids and levels within the vehicle,

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Transmission Repair

Transmission repairs are necessary for automotive vehicles to keep them running smoothly and efficiently

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Chassis Repair

Chassis repair is the process of restoring a vehicle's chassis, or the frame and suspension system that supports the body of the vehicle..

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At Autobahn Our AC repair service involves diagnosing and resolving issues with a vehicle’s AC to restore its proper functionality.

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Axel Repair


Axle repair is the process of repairing a worn out or a damaged axle, and its components like U-joint and CV joint.

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Engine Coolant System Repair


Car overheating is not something you should let slip by because it can result in a number of problems ranging from your car making strange clicking or thumping sounds to it ultimately catching fire.

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Battery Replace


If your car is being cranky or taking multiple attempts to start, this means your battery is lacking power.

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Computer Diagnosis


Modern cars are equipped with advanced computer systems. All the electrical components of a car and sensors are connected to a central computer system.

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